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Remington 700 BDL MAG-XTENDER (Short Action)

Remington 700 BDL MAG-XTENDER (Short Action)
Remington 700 MAG XTENDER
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MAG-XTENDER makes it possible to expand the capacity of your Remington 700 DBL internal mag without breaking the bank.

Until now there has been only one option for adding round count to a Remington 700 BDL which is, add a removable magazine system. This upgrade requires a new trigger guard assembly, expensive magazines, and possible inletting of your existing rifle's stock. Many manufactures build "bullet proof" upgrades that are much better than the OEM equipment however they tend to be too costly for some shooters.

Now there is a second option, MAG-XTENDER. The MAG-XTENDER is an easy to install cost effective method of achieving additional capacity for a Remington 700 BDL.

When installed the MAG-XTENDER extends the standard 4 round capacity to 7 rounds of .308 and 9 rounds of .223.

Built of high quality 60% glass reinforced nylon for a durable light weight solution. 

Available for Remington 700 BDL Short and Long Action.



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(22 reviews)  

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I purchase this a while ago and had to file quite a bit to get the latch to engage. After that, like other raters here, I was having very frustrating feed issues if I put more than 4 .308 rnds in. I finally figured out why it was not feeding properly. The spring capture tabs in the bottom of the extender are too far forward and cause the cartridge to tilt bullet up. Just lift the spring up out of the little recess and push it rearward (till it hits the rear extender wall near latch)and apply a little epoxy. This thing will feed all seven now. With all the headache $25 is still
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Rustin G
Apr 16, 2020
Quick and easy installation, adds a few rounds without spending $$$ on a new triggerguard assembly
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Nov 12, 2019
I really wanted one of these for a while and after I ended up with a PTG BDL Trigger guard plate without the door I thought the stars had a aligned. I put it on my 6.5SAUM so that I could hold 3rounds instead of just 2. It worked fine until I closed it and it snapped. Evidently the PTG hinge section doesn’t have as much clearance and it would not close all the way. I thought it was the latch holding things up and I punshed it to snap it closed and it snapped off at the hinge. I never even got to shoot with it once. Very disappointed.

Advantages: Hold more ammo

Disadvantages: Weak construction breaks easily.
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Andrew L
Sep 6, 2017
Easy to install, however the magazine follower seemed to be a little loose and tilted. Really not a problem, still a great product.

Advantages: Easy installation
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Paul M
Apr 14, 2017
Great addition to a 700, small bore or large is all the same.
Even though I shoot 5 round groups at the range. I have when hunting loaded up 8 to 10 rounds. No feed problems as long as you follow the torque recs.
I over torqued and found issues, reset the action with new extender with recommended and superb.

Advantages: 6 Additional rounds in the mag well.
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