Preston Lewis joins Team Tactical Works, Inc.

Contact: Team Tactical Works  FOR RELEASE ON 9/27/2017 11:00 A.M.
Tel.: 970.672.0765

Tactical Works, Inc. announces the addition of Preston Lewis to Team Tactical Works.
Preston will be joining Team Tactical Works Inc. as a sponsored shooter, product tester/reviewer, author, contributor, and consultant. 

Colorado Springs, CO, September 27 – Preston Lewis was born and raised in Panama City, FL. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, full-time dad and a husband. He enjoys the thrill of long-range shooting or anything to do with firearms for that matter.

Preston has been around guns his entire life however over the last 8 years, when he is not spending time with his family he devotes most of his free time to the science of long-range shooting sports. Preston shoots matches as a member in the Precision Rifle Series as well as F-Class.

When Preston isn’t shooting he spends his free time reloading for practice and matches and tuning rifles for himself and others.

Preston is a sponsored Team Tactical Works shooter as well as an author, product tester, “TW Think Tank” member and contributor.

“I am honored to be a part of Team Tactical Works. The folks at Tactical Works, Inc. are wonderful people to work with. If you need anything for long range shooting, you’ve come to the right place! See you at the range.”

Tactical Works, Inc. is headquartered right outside the downtown area of beautiful Denver Colorado.

Our company mission is simple, provide our customers a simple and secure area to acquire reputable firearm accessories while providing superior customer service.

To help us with our mission our main goal is to offer quality firearm accessories from companies who stand behind their products.  

Our customers are military, law enforcement, competition and recreational shooters who need to depend and trust on their weapons platform.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Team Tactical Works, Inc. at 970-672-0765, or email


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