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Remington 700 EGW Heavy Duty Low Mount Short Action "0" M.O.A. PN #80000

Remington 700 EGW Heavy Duty Low Mount Short Action "0" M.O.A. PN #80000
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EGW 80000
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When choosing a scope base to offer to our customers we decided to look at EGW for many reasons. First EGW stands behind their products like all of our other manufactures. They have sold over 10,000 mounts and none have been returned for warping or bending.

Secondly, this line of scope bases are an excellent value and can be acquired for far less than other one piece tactical bases.

One piece mounts tie the front and back of the receiver together better for a more rigid more accurate rifle. All mounts include mounting screws.

This base fits Remington 700 Short Actions and is finished in matte anodized black.

EGW started in 1991 making OEM products for companies including SIG arms, S&W and many individual Gunsmith's and smaller companies. Many of the top Competition shooters use EGW parts and services as do many Gunsmith's around the country. You'll find articles featuring these bases and other products on the covers of American Handgunner, Combat Handguns and Front Sight magazine.
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