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Accu-Shot Savage 110BA Fore-end Rail (SFR)
(2 reviews)  

The Accu-Shot Savage 110BA Fore-end Rail (SFR) provides a low profile 1913 Picatinny rail for attaching the Atlas Bipod or other accessoreis to your Savage 110BA.

Made in the USA.


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EGW Recoil Lug - Savage
(0 reviews)  
The Savage recoil lug is 1 1/8 diameter for the new larger barrel Savage action.
Savage Bolt Lift Kit (2019+ rifles)
(0 reviews)  

Savage Bolt Lift Kit for newer production Savage models 10, 110, 11, 111, 12, 14, 114, 16, 116 and others.


Savage Bottom Metal Kit by Accurate Mag
(0 reviews)  

The Accurate Mag bottom metal kit is Savage OEM's premier direct drop-in bottom metal kit that uses AICS pattern magazines.

Made in the USA


Savage Extractor Ejector Kit
(82 reviews)  

If your Savage 10/110 rifle has trouble extracting or ejecting spent cases, the Savage Improved Extractor Kit might just be the answer.

This kit contains all components contained in the Savage Bolt Head including two ejector springs and two extractor springs, one standard strength, and one extra strength, and two ejectors with slightly different diameters to account for dimensional variations between the factory and aftermarket bolt heads.


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Savage Short Action Bottom Metal (OEM)
(1 reviews)  

The Savage Short Action Bottom Metal (OEM) needed for the Choate stock 25-06-16.


Savage Short Action Magazine Box for Factory DBM (OEM)
(2 reviews)  

Savage OEM Short Action Magazine Box for Factory DBM



Savage Titanium Bolt Body by Lumley
(0 reviews)  

The Savage Titanium Bolt Body by Lumley is CNC machined from Grade 5 titanium alloy for the shooter in pursuit of the lightest rifle possible. Fits most short action centerfire models - including all variants of the 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16 (will NOT fit the Savage Axis).

Standard Profile available now. Fluted Profile not yet available.


Savage Titanium Recoil Lug (AccuStock and AccuFit compatible)
(0 reviews)  

The Lumley Titanium Recoil Lugs are flatter, thicker, and stiffer than the factory lug and provide a more secure fit into the aluminum bedding spin of the Savage AccuStock and AccuFit stocks.