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Remington 700 Special Trigger Left Hand by TriggerTech

Remington 700 Special Trigger Left Hand by TriggerTech
Remington 700 Special Trigger by TriggerTech Remington 700 Special Trigger by TriggerTech Remington 700 Special Trigger by TriggerTech Remington 700 Special Trigger by TriggerTech
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Every TriggerTech Remington 700 Trigger offers Zero Creep, contamination resistance, easy adjustment, minimal overtravel and industry leading reliability.

Zero Creep Technology offers an exceptionally crisp break (like a glass rod). TriggerTech developed Zero Creep Technology (ZCT) to get away from the limitations faced by sliding friction triggers. ZCT is comprised of a patented, free-floating roller that is captured between the sear and the ticker. This advancement makes it possible for TriggerTech to eliminate creep from every one of their triggers.

TriggerTech set out to develop a trigger with leading overtravel and reset control and developed a new component to achieve this. TKR Technology utilizes something TriggerTech named the "Ticker" - an intermediary component that can pivot freely from the trigger lever to enable the sear to release without requiring further displacement from the trigger lever. This minimizes overtravel and sets you up for the perfect reset - one that is short (< 0.030") but remains tactile and forceful enough so you are not wondering if your next shot is good to go.

TriggerTech wanted to make adjustable triggers that allowed the operator to quickly and confidently adjust pull weight in the field. This drove the development of CLKR Technology - a detent and set screw combination that enables the operator to adjust the trigger's pull weight with incremental tactile clicks. To further adjusting confidence, they made the adjustment feature fail-safe. It's designed to withstand over tightening and if the set screw is removed the trigger will operate at the low end of its pull range.

TriggerTech housings are made of aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and anodized for longevity. They are designed to minimize the ability for contaminants to get inside the trigger while keeping the trigger weight low. To ensure life long safety and reliability TriggerTech sources the best stainless steels for all critical components. Heat treated 440C is used for the two engagement surfaces to maximize longevity.


  • Trigger Lever Type: Curved
  • Trigger Action: Single Stage
  • FRT (Frictionless Release Technology): Yes
  • TKR Technology: Yes
  • CLKR Technology: Yes
  • Creep: 0.000"
  • Overtravel: <0.015"
  • Total Pull Weight: 1lbs - 3.5lbs
  • Bolt Release: With
  • Safety: With
  • Hand: Left (Right Hand available here)
  • Warranty: Product Lifetime
  • Weapon Platform: Remington 700
  • Housing: 7075 Aluminum (annodized)
  • Key components: 440C Stainless Steel

*All pull weights and measurements are approximate. ***Pull weights of TriggerTech Triggers are direcly impacted by firing pin spring weight. Overweight firing pin springs may cause pull weights to vary above the advertised range 


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