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Saddle Blanket for Magpul PRS Gen1 & 2 by HopticUSA

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Jim H
Jun 14, 2018
This saddle blanket fits the Gen 1 and 2 perfectly as depicted in the web site photos.
I have both Gen 2 and 3 PRS stocks and the cheek rest on the Gen 3 is a different size than the 1 and 2 cheek rests. It fits OK on the Gen 3 but you can see the saddle was designed solely for the gen 1 and 2 cheek rests. I installed the saddle by cutting a 1 inch wide strip of backing with a pair of scissors from the center of the saddle then lined up the center hash cut outs on the blanket to line up on the center of the cheek rest. After I affixed the blanket to the top of the cheek rest I could lift up the sides of the blanket, remove the backing and affix it to the rest. I taped it down overnight to make sure it stuck good. These blankets look really nice on the PRS stocks. The Gen 3 is going to require a different cut to fit properly. Wish I could attach a photo to show the difference between Generations and fitment.

Advantages: There are two saddles included which is a pretty fair deal given the price point and the fact they are custom made for the PRS Magpul stock

Disadvantages: Not an exact fit on the Gen 3 PRS cheek rest.
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Mar 23, 2019
This is a great asset. Makes those long shifts when you are behind the gun for hours at a time more comfortable.

Advantages: Long hours laying on gun more comfortable. Helps with keeping same cheek weld. Keeps stock temperature neutral in extreme temperature.

Disadvantages: There is no disadvantage to this product.
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John A H
Jun 8, 2020
good product

Advantages: soft and adds slip resistance and temperature protection

Disadvantages: durability might be issue removing from adhesive protection backing and easily torn material.
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Randy R
Jul 3, 2020
It's nice and soft! Adds that extra layer of firmness for sure. It was easy to put on and it makes my rifle look more unique.

Advantages: Softer cheek weld
Non slip

Disadvantages: It was hard to take off the sheet it was on...I almost ripped the back side unintentionally.
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Jory H
Mar 3, 2021
Adding this to the cheek riser makes a huge difference when training in colder environments.

Advantages: Best cheek weld in cold/wet applications. Comfort. Improved cheek weld in hot & Humid conditions where sweat and fluids cause cheek movement on plastic surfaces.

Disadvantages: Surface prep is a must for correct application to remain in place.
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Joseph W S
Jan 2, 2022
Top quality and excellent fit.
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