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TacSport Two Stage Remington 700 Trigger by Bix'n Andy

TacSport Two Stage Remington 700 Trigger by Bix'n Andy
TacSport Trigger by Bix'n Andy TacSport Remington 700 Trigger by Bix'n Andy
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The TacSport Trigger for Remington 700 was developed to meet the growing needs of customers for a trigger that is great in rugged conditions. This is achieved by a bottom sear that is machined slower, with a final hand polish and inspection.

Designed to operate in Remington 700 and compatible actions, the TacSport Triggers have an adjustable pull weight between 10 oz. to 4.5 lbs. The ball bearing system allows for the lowest reset force of any trigger, thereby improving accuracy and allowing for a very crisp let-off. The TacSport is machined from stainless steel with a trigger housing designed to further protect the mechanism from the elements and comes standard with a top safety lever and removable bolt stop. The great thing about Bix'n Andy triggers is they can be customized to fit almost any action. Some other trigger brands don't come with a bolt release so they won't work in a Remington 700 factory action. With the TacSport triggers you can choose whether or not you want the bolt release and it won't cost you anything extra if you do.


  • Trigger housing is built to withstand extreme environments 
  • Perfect for PRS, Competitive Shooting or hunting
  • Top sear (3.8mm) comes standard
  • Pull weight: 10 oz. to 4.5 lbs.
  • Adjusts without disassembly of the trigger housing and can be done with your action still in the stock
  • Uses the hanger that comes with your action
  • Bolt stop release is removable
  • Safety is removable
  • Fits Remington 700 and clone actions
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs
  • Two Stage Top Right Safety
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