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Howa SA Tactical Stock by Choate

Howa SA Tactical Stock by Choate
Tactical Stock by Choate Tactical Stock by Choate Tactical Stock by Choate Tactical Stock by Choate Tactical Stock by Choate Tactical Stock by Choate Tactical Stock by Choate Tactical Stock by Choate
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Choate 25-07-01
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Choate's Tactical stock has a CNC machined aluminum bedding block molded into the stock for a solid mount. This stock has sling swivel studs on both sides and a 10.5-inch long slot for a bipod adapter under the forend. Bipod adapter is included.

This stock is for the Howa short actions and the Weatherby Vanguard.

Easily add a Detachable Magazine with the ATI Howa Trigger Guard

Will not fit the Howa 1500 Mini Action

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Choate Cheek Piece "Tall"
Choate Cheek Piece "Standard"
Choate 3-way Adjustable Butt Plate Black Anodized
EGW Recoil Lug - Remington
Monopod for Tactical Stocks by Choate
Accurate-Mag 10-shot Magazine .308
Remington 700 Special Trigger by TriggerTech
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(12 reviews)  

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Michael E
Dec 18, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
The Choate Stock is a very good upgrade to my 6.5 Creedmoor 24” HB by Howa. The OEM Stock was fine for normal operations but had to much flex in the for-end. I will say it had no problem with a Quarter MOA @100 - 200 yrds. Also Half MOA 300 - 400, well built Barreled Receiver by Howa. The Choate Stock with acquired torque specs went on with no problem, Start 20 Inch Lbs to 60 Inch Lbs with 5 Inch Lb increments. This was true in the start, but ended up with 85 Inch Lbs due to the bullet spread walking up the target. All trial and error but no complaints, Now if you are a tall person with LONG arms I will suggest you acquire the extension to the Butt stock (Comfort). In regards to your cheek weld make sure you acquire the riser for the stock combing. You will make note of this very fast once you change your stock over to the Choate, my OEM stock I created a built up riser for correct eye alignment in my scope. This is a great buy for that person who enjoys real good shooting and finding your Zone. Those who wonder about the weight, just fine it was just about were I had my OEM stock with weight added for balance. The rail on the bottom is a fine piece, this not only allows you to add your Bipod - with a couple of turns you can loosen you Bipod and slide back for down angled trajectory and still be in your Zone. Hope this helps!!!

Advantages: Balance Comfort

Disadvantages: None to Date
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jeff s
Apr 4, 2016
The stock arrived quickly and the quality was top notch. All workmanship was excellent, machining and molding. Excellent choice for the howa 1500 barrelled action setup.

Advantages: This was an affordable solution for a tactical stock for casual target shooting. LOP was perfect along with the rubber recoil pad. Also liked the adjustable sling to mount bipod in different positions.

Disadvantages: Palm Swell was wider than my previous varmit thumbhole stock, but I will adjust to it.
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Omar L
Aug 3, 2020
My stock was shipped with excess Stock Molding Material in and on the aluminum bedding block area. Instead of just dropping my barreled action into the stock, I spent over an hour removing the excess Polymer. The excess was mechanically preventing me from installing my barreled action to check for a proper fit. I've never had to do this with an aftermarket stock prior to this order. My stock incurred scratches on my aluminum bedding block while being forced to remove the excess material. Tactical Works Inc need to perform more thorough inspections of products before they ship items. I had no issues with any of the other parts on the order. I provided before and after pictures and they
were not willing to do anything in my behalf since I removed the excess polymer myself. I was given a 3rd party email to contact 07/22/2020 and I still haven't heard from them. Minus the blemishes I received - it's a really good stock!

Advantages: 1)Cost; 2)Full Aluminum Bedding Block; 3) Ergonomics; 4)Versatile features (sling studs on side of forend with T-Nut slot on bottom of forend) 5)Nice affordable add-ons (were in excellent condition); 6)Short Length-of-Pull for the common sized person.

Disadvantages: 1) Quality Control (I received a very noticable blemish.

2) Customer Service was unwilling to offer anything in the way of: A Partial Refund, A Coupon Codes off next purchase, A Gift Card off next or Free Shipping off next purchase.

3) Was given a 3rd party email address to contact with my before and after picture [ccmmtt(at)ipa (dot)net. I never received an email response.

***TW NOTE: If there is an issue with fitment of your stock please notify us so we can troubleshoot BEFORE making any modifications.
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William A
Jul 10, 2020
I called to order this stoxk. The lady on the phone was very courteous as polite. My order was shipped the very next day. Arrived in 3 days. Positive experience for sure. I will order again on the future.

Advantages: The stock is very rigid n straight. Action dropped in perfectly. No fitting required. Very comfortable. Works exactly as advertised.

Disadvantages: None
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Mahmoud S
Jun 8, 2020
Best Value for any HOWA Short Actrion

Advantages: Solid like a rock, excellent Arca Swiiss rail. Free 2 Quick Attcach Sling point.

Disadvantages: No adjustable cheek rest.
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