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Remington 700 SA BDL Tactical Stock by Choate

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Dave Scott
This stock is great. It is VERY solid and balances nicely, especially with a 20" barrel. I have it on a Rem 700 SPS Tactical 308. I have owned B&C, McM, and H&S stocks. People bag on Choate, but I fail to see how this stock is weaker or less durable in any way than the big 3. The texture FEELS cheaper, but is hell for stout. Texture and beauty don't make smaller groups. It is just funny to hear people bag on this Choate stock because it isn't H&S, B&C, or McM, yet they have a cheesy-feeling plastic Glock in their holsters.
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A drop-in fit for my Remington 700 SPS ACC action. Alignment is perfect! Nice spacing in the barrel channel. No noticable deflection and NO barrel contact, unlike the flimsy stock it came with.

Set it up as "budget M40A3". Awesome rifle at about 1/3 the cost of the full-tilt issued model and plenty good enough for me!!!

Using Wyatt's bottom metal piece. This required the tiniest amount of sanding of the composite at the front of the magwell and to increase the length for the rear mounting screw tab. Only removed a few thousandths of an inch of composite in both places and it fit like a glove. No metal modification required on the stock whatsoever. Torqued the mounting screws to 50 inch-pounds with a drop of blue LocTite and everything is rock-solid.

A VERY satisfied customer.
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Bought this stock for Rem. 700 in 300 win mag. & it is awesome. Dropped it in in 5 minutes perfect fit! They offer great Military discount. Thanks for your support! I'll be buying about 4 more & sending everyone I know your way! Super quality & I like the less polished finish it grips in the field better & you would be stupid to pay for the name on the other stocks as this is top shelf all the way!
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James Culbreath
As Dave mentioned above these stocks are GREAT. I also have a Remington 700 SPS Tac in 308 with 20 ". Installed without any problems and performed perfect at the range. So glad i didn't purchase any other stock. With the money saved on this it will go to better glass. Solid stock and will recommend everyone to purchase it from Tactical Works. P.S. ask for Lisa!
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My first R700 308 (5R) went into an AICS. For my SPS Tac, I decided to make it a budget midrange gun and in doing so selected the Choate over the B&C A2. Glad I did. Nice heft without being overweight. Very solid with a nice meaty vertical grip angle. I just installed the Choate monopod, which is a good deal at $25. The gun shoots 0.5-0.7 MOA consistently in this stock, so it works fine. With the varmint barrel profile, the channel does get a little close to the underside of the bbl, but as long as you don't place excessive pressure on top of the stock with hard support underneath the fore end (i.e. bipod), you should be able to avoid contact.

Can't go wrong with this stock at this price.
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daimon davenport
May 30, 2015
Stock worked great today first time I had it out no problems at all. Liked everything about it. I think the grip needs to be a little smaller and I have big hands.
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chris j
Mar 12, 2016
Awesome stock, a serious free floating set up. Well worth the upgrade besides the fact it looks 10x better.

Advantages: True free floating, full length bedding

Disadvantages: None
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Derek C
May 19, 2018
Last year I put a Choate Tactical stock on my Savage 110F in .308 which immediately tightened groups. I hit a 2.5" 5-shot group in at 715 yards. So when I got a Remington 700 SPS in .223, getting another Choate was a no-brainer. I'm hitting .5 MOA or better at 100 yards consistently. The build on these stocks cuts no corners. Aluminum pillar beds with FULL aluminum rails from action to the end of the forend. All one piece. They also have an excellent palm-swell and handle angle allowing for a good trigger-pull. These stocks are not for hunting as they are heavy, but as a person who enjoys shooting from a bench, weight is no issue. I added stainless steel BB's to completely fill the butt end of the stock to add even more mass. The .223's feel like .22's and the .308's feel like .223's. I've never had a McMillan, but for less than $200 it's hard to go wrong.

Advantages: Stiffness, huge barrel float, palm-swell, heavy weight, fit and finish. Precision-oriented stock.

Disadvantages: Not for a hunting rig.
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Joe Rabena, Gunsmith
Jun 25, 2022
Third Choate Stock I have purchased.

Advantages: I like the free-floating barrel because I use this stock on rifles with heavy varmint barrels. The underside sliding swivel mount allows me to quickly share my Harris Bi-Pod on all three stocks with little effort. The stock has improved accuracy on every rifle I have used it on.

Disadvantages: Not always available.
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