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Savage Improved Extractor Ejector Kit

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Thomas R
Jul 21, 2019
Product performed as advertised and wasn't difficult to install

Advantages: Firmly extracts and cleanly ejects spent cases from my rifle.

Disadvantages: Extractor is longer than needed n takes considerable first to close the bolt.
Tho only improvement I can suggest is to make it case specific.
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Scott D
May 2, 2019
Recieved the new extractor kit and thus far has an improvement over the factory savage parts. Savage should change up what should be a simple upgrade and fix...very pleased.
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Richard A
Jul 17, 2019
parts are very well made and instalation was very simple and easy. the only thing that needs to be added to this kit is a new extractor spring to make it the ultimate upgrade kit for the Savage rifle. that is the only reason i gave it 4 stars.

Advantages: more positive case extraction.

Disadvantages: i can seee no disadvantages
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Alec A
Jan 12, 2021
The extractor is great, 10/10 would recommend to a friend, 100% necessary upgrade, I have had 0 cases failing to extract.

The ejector is hit or semi-miss because if you go slooooow the case the will fall off the extractor in the action and you have to dig them out, which was actually the case with the stock ejector all the time... so not really a bad thing. Now, if you pull the bolt back like you’re Ryan Cleckner showing off for a video for NSSF, it flings brass kinda like your favorite scary black assault weapon would.

Going at normal speed seems to be the sweet spot for saving brass and it reliably ejects every time landing within arms reach. It really tosses ‘em.

Advantages: Reliable ejection with normal and fast cycling

Disadvantages: Really slow cycling drops the brass because the ejector is TOO efficient, so your booger hook will be wrestling cases if you’re light-handed with the bolt.
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Steve H
Feb 27, 2021
Love the stronger ejector spring and it now throws the casings reliably. But I took the extractor back out because it was so stiff that I couldn't get the bolt to close. I even tried hitting it with a mallet to close. I gave up after fighting it for half an hour and put the stock extractor back in. The bolt closes fine and it now throws the casing better so I call it good enough for govt work.

Advantages: Ejects casings noticeably better.

Disadvantages: Extractor may be extremely tight and it could range from bolt being difficult to close, all the way to won't close even after hitting it with a mallet. I'd skip the extractor upgrade and just do the ejector.
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Aug 29, 2021
My axis 308 failed to extract about 20% of the time and when it did work the cases dropped out the side with no force. Installed this kit in about 10 minutes and have cycled empty brass and loaded rounds hundreds of times without failure. By design it will be harder to close the bolt because of the longer extractor has to be shoved over the case but I can live with that.

Advantages: It works. Extracts nice and tosses spent cases plenty far.

Disadvantages: Will make it harder to close the bolt and no break in period will make it better its just the trade off of having a working rifle.
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