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Tikka Bedding Kit

Tikka Bedding Kit
Tikka Bedding Kit Tikka Bedding Kit Tikka Bedding Kit Tikka Bedding Kit Tikka Bedding Kit
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This is quite simply the cheapest improvement you can make to your Tikka T3, T3x, and T1x to improve the accuracy potential of these great rifles. The Lumley kit is machined made from high-grade materials to exacting dimensions and to a design that delivers real results. The Tikka T3, T3x, and T1x are well-made rifles, sporting a super-slick action, quality hammer forged barrels made by SAKO, and a decent adjustable trigger. However, despite the marketing, they are let down by non-existent bedding in any of the wood/laminate/synthetic factory stocks. Most of them shoot fantastically out of the box, but they can shoot a bit better by eliminating stock compression by installing steel pillars and correcting the poorly fitting lug which can dent and deform under heavy recoil, especially with the larger calibers. The original Tikka T3 has an aluminum extrusion for lug, the newer Tikka T3x, T1x, and Sako A7 have a low-cost steel lug. This doesn't take a lot of money, time, or special skills to fix for good however some fitting is required. The titanium recoil lug is precision machined for a higher fit to the slot in your action and may need to be tapped into this slot with a nylon or rubber-tipped hammer/dowel. 

Some fitting is required:

The titanium recoil lug is precision machined for a tighter fit to the slot in your action than the factory-supplied unit. The lug may need to be tapped into this slot with a nylon or rubber-tipped hammer. The bedding pillars are 10mm in diameter so the action holes in the stock will need to be drilled larger from 8mm (using a 25/64" will work well and result in a 'press-in' fit). Combining the Lumley bedding kit with a decent epoxy job such as Devcon steel putty or marine tex has seen accuracy improvements in all factory-original rifles Lumley has tested. Especially so with rifles in factory synthetic stocks which flex and have generally poor tolerances from the molding process.

Recoil Lug:

  • CNC machined from aerospace Grade 5 titanium alloy (Ti6AI4V)
  • High strength to weight ratio, with excellent surface hardness
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • CNC machined to within +/- 0.01mm flatness
  • Machined slightly thicker for a no-slop fit to the action slot (often a 'tap-in' fit)

Action Screws:

  • 304 grade stainless steel screws (silver color)
  • Socket head (cap) screws, custom made to suit the Lumley DBM
  • Screws also fit Tikka factory plastic bottom metal
  • Non-tapered heads for firm and secure fit against the Lumley DBM. Also functions with factory floorplate.
  • 4mm hex socket size which readily interchanges with 5/32" hex keys

Bedding Pillars:

  • CNC machined from 304 grade stainless steel bar stock
  • Designed to be glued into the stock or alternately can be firmly pressed-in if action holes are drilled accurately using a 25/64" bit
  • Ensures perfect spacing front and rear (important for proper magazine function)
  • Allows for increased tightening of action screws (up to 65 in/lbs)
  • Avoids stock compressing from over-tightening action screws
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