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Buttstock Weight by MDT

Buttstock Weight by MDT
Buttstock Weight by MDT Buttstock Weight by MDT
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The Buttstock Weight mounts in the lower pocket of the MDT ESS, ACC, and SRS V5 buttstocks. The weight and its hardware will add 0.65lbs to your rifle system all the way at the rear, moving your balance point rearward significantly. To install, simply remove the buttpad assembly, slide the wight into the lower pocket, attach with included screws and reinstall the buttpad assembly.


  • Material: Case hardened Steel
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs
  • Underside clearance slot to allow mounting of M-LOK accessoreis to buttstock even with weight installed
  • Width designed to closely match the width of the ESS, ACC, and SRS V5 buttstock
  • Install with blue Loctite as necessary 
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