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Rail Mounted Adjustable Bag Rider by Long Shot Precision

Rail Mounted Adjustable Bag Rider by Long Shot Precision
Rail Mounted ELR Rail Mounted ABR V Bottom Rail Mounted ABR V Bottom Rail Mounted ABR SQR Bottom Rail Mounted RPR Rimfire Rail Mounted ORYX Rail Mounted GRS Birfrost Rail Mounted aBR Rail Mounted Luth-AR Rail Mounted Magpul CTR Rail Mounted ABR Delta Wolf Rail Mounted Fab Defense Rail Mounted Savage Axis 2 Precision RM Target Tool Rail Mounted WOOX Cobra
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The Adjustable Bag Rider (ABR) is made locally and assembled in the USA. Made out of the highest quality American aluminum, CNC made and anodized for superior wear resistance, the ABR is made to last and weighs less than a pound. The custom dowels come in either hardened alloy steel or stainless steel and ride in linear bearings for consistent smooth operation. A custom-designed SS thumb wheel rides in two Delrin thrust washer that are known for their strength and creep resistance. The ABR replaces the need for expensive, heavy, and bulky adjustable front rests and wobbly monopods. It is the only bolt-on enhancement that provides vertical adjustment while providing horizontal stability without requiring positional body changes. Installation is simple, quick, and you never need to remove it.

Direct Bolt-on Applications:

  • Tikka T3x TAC A1 - Short Dowels
  • Christensen Modern Precision Rifle - Long Dowels  (you will need to order the Picatinny rail from Christensen Arms)
  • RAPS- FAB Defense Stock - Long Dowels
  • GRS Warg and Bifrost - Long Dowels (Picatinny rail required)
  • Savage AXIS 2 Precision - Short Dowels (requires the lower rail section to be attached)
  • Daystate Delta Wolf - Short Dowels
  • Ghost Brocock Carbine - Long Dowels
  • Magpul CTR - Long Dowels  (ABR AR Mounting Bracket required)
  • CZ600 Range - Short Dowels
  • CZ457 22LR - Short Dowels  (*not the CZ457 Precision*. That is the Luth-SR stock, see below)
  • Howa TSP-X - Short Dowels  (you will need to order the Picatinny rail from the AU company that makes the frame)
  • Southern Cross Small Arms (SCSA) - Short Dowels  (factory Picatinny rail required. Vertical grip required)

Modifications required:

  • Luth-AR - Long Dowels  (the stock has to be modified. see picture)
  • WOOX Cobra Wooden Model - Short Dowels (will require milling/drilling for clearance of front dowel. see picture)
  • Targe Tool - Short Dowels  (modifications are necessary. Vertical Grip required)
  • Ruger Precision Rifle Rimfire (RPRR) - Short Dowels  (modifications required- see drawing for measurements needed.)
  • Oryx Chassis - Long Dowels  (if your Oryx buttstock has an M-LOK slot mount an M-LOK Picatinny rail and then install the ABR. If your Oryx buttstock has a solid bottom click here for the correct ABR.)
  • Target Tool - Short Dowels  (modifications are necessary. Vertical Grip required)


  • CNC'd American 6061 Aluminum
  • Class II Anodizing
  • Clamp to lower Picatinny rail
  • Unequaled ease in vertical adjustment in micro intervals
  • No need to purchase expensive and/or heavy front rests
  • Rock solid horizontal stability - no wobble
  • Reduced load development time
  • No more squeezing a bag - reduces vertical dispersion
  • Faster follow up shots
  • Straight tracking
  • Includes Rail Clamp and 10-32 bolts - torque to 18 inch-pounds - 5/32" Allen wrench
  • Weighs less than 16 ounces

Caliber Restrictions: 

  • .338 and smaller will use the Standard Dowels
  • .33XC and larger need Hardened Dowels 
  • PRS needs Hardened Dowels

The two lower riders (SQR bottom or V bottom) are designed to provide optimal performance when used with a rear bag with ears. No need for positional changes to the rifle and body which cause point of impact inconsistencies. Say goodbye to the mound of expensive and heavy equipment you take to the range. Whether you plan to go to the bench or want to take a shot in the field you are guaranteed to have previously unattainable stability and micro-adjustment with you at all times!

The ABR is designed to work with a rear bag and any bag or sand sock can be used - but a bag with ears works best. Bags with bunny ears allow full access to the thumb wheel at all times. If a heavy leather bag is used and there is space in between the ears and the rider the groups will be horizontal. If there is a space, remove the ABR from the bag and, pushing down with your thumb on the top of the ears to shrink the space between the ears. if all space cannot be removed a shim can be tested. For example, lay a piece of leather across the top of the ears and push the ABR down on top of it. 

Long Shot Precision (LSP) has worked closely with the Protecktor Model company to develop the "round back" rear shooting bags. These bags have been collaboratively designed for use with the ABR to maximize clearance from the thumb wheel to the front of the bag ear. We recommend you call Protektor Model and let them know which ABR you've purchased and the height you need and they will guide you to the best Round Back Bag. 


**Do NOT lower the rider past the dowels being level with the top of the ABR. Please note that this product does NOT fit the Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifles without some modification.

**Please allow a week before shipping in some cases. 




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