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Materials and construction are top notch! Love the fact that it has eight shell holders, where most others have less. Also, I was concerned that it would not fit my tactical style stock, which is very tall in the butt. The additional, extra long strap made this a non-issue. This product far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
James Culbreath about  Tactical Operations Ammo Cheek Pad Black:
Great cheek pad made by Tac Opps. Holds cheek tight on stock for those low sub MOA groups. A must for accurate shooting. Also Lisa sent extra long straps in case you need them. She is the best!!!!
Its a very well made product. Enough space for essentials, i.e. tools, pen, rounds. Shipping was extremely fast. 3 days from ordering. Adjusts perfectly. Extremely pleased with this product. Thanks Tacworks!
Rick Moskovits about  Tactical Operations Ammo Cheek Pad Black:
I purchased a tacops left hand ammo cheek pad some months ago and would like to provide some feedback on the service and product-workmanship is exceptional-worth every penny and then some.-not sure how such a well made product made in northamerica can be sold for so low a price!-service was exceptional-all emails and questions answered promptly and received the product quickly-now for the really interesting part-shooting a rem 700 tactical in 308-factory houge stock, with my match load of 40.5gr 4064 lapua brass, win prim and sierra 168hpbt- best was around .5inch groups, after started using rifle with tac ops cheek pad, I can now do in .3's, best .330--only explanation is improved cheek weld, everything else the same and this is repeatable-thank you for a fine product-job well done!
This stock pack works very well. It's full of adjustability for any size or shape stock and I use the pouch for my dope card, pen, and ear plugs. All around great product.
At first I could not believe it would fit my stock. Then I realized the straps were adjustable at both ends. I was able to put an adjustable wrench, screwdriver with multiple bits, toothbrush, and a Boresnake in the pouch. I was surprised it was not big enough for a Mildot Master but I just slid between the stock and the pack. I was very pleased with the entire setup. I also added 1/2 inches of foam underneath to get my eye relief perfect on a B&C Medalist A2.
Nov 9, 2017
This is a nice cheekpad. I have it attached to a Remington 700 Varmint with a Bell and Carlson A2 Medalist stock.
You can adjust all the straps to fit any stock and it's very comfortable for shooting. Highly Recommended.
yes i put this on my bell and carlson m40 stock and it fit great and feels awesome its soft on the cheek, and matches the stock perfectly would recommend it to anyone.
Mar 14, 2019
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Very impressed! dropped right in my H-S Precision stock. I'm ordering another one to avoid fighting top loading around optics.
This is a must for the big guys. I needed to know what the exact length of pull would be with this added on the stock. Once again Lisa gave me a call back with what i needed to know. You couldn't ask for better service than what they have given me.
Nice upgrade for the Choate stock. I have one mounted to my Remington tactical 700. Allows for vertical and horizontal adjustments. Also, the plates are made of very durable material. This upgrade is worth the while (in my opinion) for the serious long-range shooter.
Gregory M about  Accurate-Mag 5-shot Magazine .223:
Apr 30, 2016
This is a quality magazine. I used for 300 Blackout and had some issues but that may be due to me using the magazine for an unintended purpose. There is a lip on the front of the magazine the tip of the bullets were getting caught under. I solved this by getting out the dremel tool and notching out a small portion. After the modification, it worked perfect. Keep in mind it may work flawlessly with 223 as I has cycling issues with 300 Blackout.
Mar 4, 2020
Nice lightweight extended bolt handle. Mine installed in the bolt dovetail without any stoning. I did need to flatten the knob for a flush fit against the shoulder on the titanium handle, but it was an easy job with a diamond stone.
Great bolt handle, would buy again.
Fits right on perfectly! This greatly reduced the force necessary to lift the bolt handle, making the bolt action feel much much smoother. I enjoy the large ball over the stock small ball Savage bolt. The tactical bolt was not in stock at the time of ordering so I went with the BT style instead, I'm glad I chose the BT; the ball shape seems very comfortable. I highly recommend picking this up.
outstanding unit.matched perfectly to my mod. 70 win. 300 winmag. all adjustments available. mine is mated to my specs. perfectly. it has improved my shooting.
Lisa this is my 2nd Review after taking it to the range. Outstanding stock for the price, I also added a Harris Bi-pod, overall i have a new inexpensive platform with my Savage Model 11, now to look for an inexpensive model for the rifle.
Feb 27, 2016
This is my second purchase from tactical works, and I am very pleased with the service I've received and the fast shipping, the products are always exact and any concerns with install is quickly addressed.
Michael E about  Howa SA Tactical Stock by Choate :
Dec 18, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
The Choate Stock is a very good upgrade to my 6.5 Creedmoor 24” HB by Howa. The OEM Stock was fine for normal operations but had to much flex in the for-end. I will say it had no problem with a Quarter MOA @100 - 200 yrds. Also Half MOA 300 - 400, well built Barreled Receiver by Howa. The Choate Stock with acquired torque specs went on with no problem, Start 20 Inch Lbs to 60 Inch Lbs with 5 Inch Lb increments. This was true in the start, but ended up with 85 Inch Lbs due to the bullet spread walking up the target. All trial and error but no complaints, Now if you are a tall person with LONG arms I will suggest you acquire the extension to the Butt stock (Comfort). In regards to your cheek weld make sure you acquire the riser for the stock combing. You will make note of this very fast once you change your stock over to the Choate, my OEM stock I created a built up riser for correct eye alignment in my scope. This is a great buy for that person who enjoys real good shooting and finding your Zone. Those who wonder about the weight, just fine it was just about were I had my OEM stock with weight added for balance. The rail on the bottom is a fine piece, this not only allows you to add your Bipod - with a couple of turns you can loosen you Bipod and slide back for down angled trajectory and still be in your Zone. Hope this helps!!!
Apr 6, 2021
Looks and fills very well built, fits my 260 just perfect!
I am very pleased with this product,
the quailty is first rate and I am impressed with the ajustability of this design. I can put it on just about any longarm I want with relative ease. I have a combat knife in the side pocket and am very pleased with how tight the ammo loops fit 7.62x51 ammo,I am not going lose any ammo! Tactical works customer service is amazing! They shipped me my order in half the time their competitors did. I am going to buy from them again.
Nov 17, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Magazine is definitely worth the cost. Easy too load and lock into the magazine well, but the spring is not very stiff. I could not get the final round to chamber at all in till I stretched out the spring to make it stiffer.
Apr 4, 2016
Great product. Very happy with the adjustments.
Chris U about  MDT Polymer .223 Magazine:
Apr 9, 2016
These mags work great in a AICS chassis. Excellent product.
Jul 28, 2016
Need to show that this stock DOES NOT include buffer tube.
I ordered a buffer tube extension from another source and did NOT need a fixed stock adapter as the tube had outside threads that fit the LSS chassis.
Sep 20, 2017
Great magazine