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Savage Improved Extractor Kit

Savage Improved Extractor Kit
Savage Improved Extractor Kit
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If your Savage 10/110 or Axis rifle has trouble extracting or ejecting spent cases, the Savage Improved Extractor Kit may provide a solution.

Kit contains:

  • Larger extractor detent ball
  • Custom extractor, ejector and ejector spring

Installation instructions here.  (*images in the installation instructions are the previous kit but installation is the same)

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Average customer rating:
(70 reviews)  

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Apr 27, 2020
I’m sure anyone reading this experienced some version of: pulling your bolt back for the first time on your brand new savage 110 only to hear the brass drop off the bolt face and rattle around on top of the magazine. Take heart, this product will fix it. Right out of the box, my savage 110 tactical would only eject about 1/3 of the time. My suspicions as to why were confirmed by my local gunsmith, who thought the extractor didn’t to a good enough job holding onto the brass. I had him install this kit, and range time today was no longer an embarrassment.

Advantages: My rifle now has flawless extraction and ejection of spent brass.

Disadvantages: You do need to break these parts in. I did it by pushing an empty case into the bolt face by hand until the extractor engaged around 200 times. If you don’t do that, you will get some failure to extract faults, as the extractor will bind a bit until it’s broken in to the bolt properly.
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Thomas R
Jul 21, 2019
Product performed as advertised and wasn't difficult to install

Advantages: Firmly extracts and cleanly ejects spent cases from my rifle.

Disadvantages: Extractor is longer than needed n takes considerable first to close the bolt.
Tho only improvement I can suggest is to make it case specific.
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Bill K
Dec 7, 2018
Installing this kit eliminated what I consider the most common and needless problem with Savage bolt action rifles. The case extraction issue. Now, if I had a kit for the Mod 12 bolt I'd have all my issues with Savage set straight.

Advantages: No more "fishing" around for spent cartridges in the chamber.

Disadvantages: I've found NO disadvantages so far
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Kevin M
Sep 7, 2018
Installed this kit when I had the extractor and ejector out of the bolt. This is a no brainer. Better made than the original parts and the result is improved extraction and ejection. Installs in just a couple of minutes after you figure out how to do it. Installed this with the bolt in a box because I did launch the spring and ball a couple of times till I got it in. A really nice upgrade.

Advantages: Improved extraction and ejection. Better quality than originals.

Disadvantages: None
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James K
May 17, 2018
The spring I received was not the same dimensions as the one previously in bolt. It was way to long and very skinny. I left the old spring in to be able to get detent ball and extractor in place.

Disadvantages: Not sure if extractor ejects spent case as far from gun as expected because of said spring.
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