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Savage Tactical Bolt Handle BT-Style Black (RH)

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Fits right on perfectly! This greatly reduced the force necessary to lift the bolt handle, making the bolt action feel much much smoother. I enjoy the large ball over the stock small ball Savage bolt. The tactical bolt was not in stock at the time of ordering so I went with the BT style instead, I'm glad I chose the BT; the ball shape seems very comfortable. I highly recommend picking this up.
Very functional design vast improvement over stock.
William Bullard Jr
Jul 2, 2015
The very simplest way to upgrade the bolt chamber complex is to change the geometry of the bolt handle; the bolt handle must have enough mass to it that it expedites the cycling of the bolt sufficiently quickly to feed a round onto the ramp and not break the rifleman's natural point of aim or target eye scope relief [TE/SR[ hn he is feeding from the magazine or single round. This bolt handle allows just for that; it is heavy enough that with simple snapping action of the wrist this can be achieved without ever taking the eye from the rear optic with a very silky smooth quickness that is effortless. The handle is easily installed even if the instructions are not followed particularly well. I have a heavy 1-1/2" oak dowel rod at my bench to depress the guide way bolt button on the Savage 110bolt and reset the firing pin spring. Ten minutes should do in the entire procedure. This "DOES NOT" take a gunsmith; any competent Rifleman who knows his weapon should be able to accomplish with a minimum of trouble. It is as ugly as Sin but it works. well done "BZ" ChiefBull I am CPO Surface Warfare 1200lb Steam qualified Engineering Officer of the Watch Underway and Double Distinguished, and two tour combat veteran of VietNam, Rifleman USN Retired: W.A.Bullard Jr.
joe b
Jul 17, 2019
perfect fit and finish
May 29, 2015
Definitely an upgrade from the stock bolt handle. I like it better than some of the very large tactical bolt handles.
Delmar L
Apr 11, 2018
Very nice bolt handle. Perfect fit on Savage 11 series.
May 15, 2019
.Great product and fair price
Oct 15, 2019
Works like a charm. Easy install, fast install.
C Graham
May 4, 2015
Fast shipping & a great price. It looks & functions great on my Stevens 200.
bret delong
May 28, 2015
Calvin Jacobson
Jul 1, 2015
Bolt handle worked great and was a very east swap.
Donald H
Feb 21, 2017
I bought atactical bolt handel and it went right on. looks awesome and works perfectly thanks would recommend you anytime thanks
jim r
Apr 11, 2018
my savage 110 "varmint" rifle came with a fairly large bolt handle, but i wanted something with a little more beef to it. this bolt handle from "tactical works" is perfect for my shooting needs.... plus it looks extremely cool
Gary W
May 16, 2019
Received the OS bolt handle & installed. It looks great.
Justin P
Jul 18, 2019
Great product Tacoma just a touch but longer than factory and quite a bit easier to grab as well as added leverage! Tactical works was a breeze to deal with, fast shipping and easy an transaction!!!
Johnathon N
Jun 8, 2020
Easy swap good quality fast shipping
Robert S
Mar 27, 2021
I upgraded the factory bolt handle on my Stevens 200 and I now have the perfect amount of leverage to cycle the bolt.
Scott R
Jun 3, 2021
I installed this on my Savage 110 Tactical and it is such a HUGE improvement over the stock bolt handle!
Andrew B
Sep 2, 2021
Works as intended. Much better than the small factory bolt handle. Tactical Works is A+, great communication!
Apr 7, 2022
This bolt handle combined with a Desh Ind. bolt lift kit requires much less effort to lift the bolt.
Jeffrey R
Jun 25, 2022
Great replacement for wonky Savage bolt
Raymond I D
Dec 1, 2022
just what i needed to balance the bolt out
Mike W
Dec 7, 2022
Great product, fit perfectly and the finish is beautiful
Christopher A
Apr 10, 2023
Exactly what I ordered. Great improvement to the Gun
Jimmy H
Apr 10, 2023
Good factory bolt to replace my tactical bolt handle. Tactical bolt handle would bind the bolt when pushing forward. too much side leverage. This handle is big enough for gloves but doesn't bind the bolt.