AR-15 Builds


Newb's AR Service/Patrol Rifle

Many of the shooters we talk with have the same passion as we do. We love to shoot and we tend to have more than a few platforms to choose from when we exercise this passion.

Many sportsmen are now including the ominous “Black Rifle”  as a useful tool their shooting/hunting “tool belt”.  One of the great features of the AR15 is its modularity.  The AR15 platform allows the shooter and hunter alike to “design build” the rifle that best suites their needs for the conditions and targets that may cross their sites.  In addition, the ability to simply add and remove accessories helps mitigate the need for several rifles for differing conditions. With the AR15 it is very possible to punch paper during the day, swap the scope for night vision and go hog hunting that night.

In reality, a single AR15 receiver could be the platform for an unlimited number of rifle configurations. Tactical CQC, Varmint, Urban Sniper, Service Rifle, and on and on.

We are going to start a series of 3 “Black Rifle Builds” to include a long-range paper/varmint puncher, coyote/predator, and a basic minimum budget service rifle.

The first of our three builds will be the minimum budget service rifle. We’ll then move onto the Long Range Varmint Rifle. Third, we intentionally didn’t say last because we all know how addicting building ARs’ is and we’re pretty sure this will not be our last, a  dedicated predator hunter.

More to come soon.