Proper Bolt Cycling Techniques

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This is a great demonstration by Holland Shooting Schools that helps the shooter understand how to properly cycle the bolt while keeping the target in your field of view.

Depending on your specific use, an oversized/tactical bolt knob/handle may help you increase your purchase and leverage on the bolt helping to cycle the bolt quicker. In high stress situations the ability to quickly “feel” and cycle the bolt again aids in workflow and keeps the target in constant view. If you use your rifle in extreme weather conditions consider a knurled knob for better grip.

Many competitive shooters who run rapid fire drills use extended oversized bolt knobs to reduce the time needed to reload so that they can have more time on target acquisition and workflow adjustment prior to the next shot.



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2010 SNIPER’S PARADISE RENDEZVOUS, “1400” yard shoot

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ACE takes “#1” at the TN 2010 Sniper’s Paradise Rendezvous, “1400” yard shoot with a Savage dawning Tactical Works, Inc. gear. 

Savage 110 1st place Sniper's Paradise Rendezvous 2010

1000 yard hit

Rifle Specs: 

  • Savage 110
  • Shilen Select Match 30″ Bull 1:10
  • RWS Brake
  • Stockade Tactical Stock
  • TacOps Stock Pack (TW)
  • Competition Trigger (TW)
  • Recoil Lug  (TW)
  • Bolt handle  (TW)
  • Warne Steel base
  • Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14 X 50 M1
  • Burris Extreme rings
  • Harris 6-9 Leg Notch / Swivel Bipod

About the event: 

A shoot out to 1450 yards. Steel targets every 50 yards from the maximum range target back to 300 or 400 yards.  100 yard cardboard targets for those that need to zero their rifles.  

Hit at 1400 yards

Congratulations Ace! Thanks you for your business and the great news!

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New gallery edition Savage 110

Posted in Savage EGW Tactical Scope Base, Savage Tactical Bolt Handle on August 3rd, 2009 by Team TW

One of the best aspects of being involved with Tactical Works, Inc. is the customer interaction. We get to share in others ideas  and dreams. The biggest reward is seeing the end result.

Nathan from Illinois  was nice enough to share some photos of his Savage 110 30.06 pre-accutrigger rifle after swapping a two piece scope base for 1-piece EGW Tactical 0 M.O.A. Scope base and upgrading from the Savage OEM bolt handle to our Tactical Bolt Handle.

Nathan will be refinishing/repainting the entire rifle in the near future.

Simply put, this rifle is practical and cool.

Thanks Nathan!

Click the picture to go to Nathan’s Savage page

Nathan's Savage 110 LA 30.06

Nathan's Savage 110 LA 30.06

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Savage Tactical Bolt Handle Installation

Posted in DIY, Savage Tactical Bolt Handle on July 22nd, 2009 by Team TW
Savage Tactical Bolt Installed

Savage Tactical Bolt Handle


1/4″ Allen Wrench

5-30 minutes

First and foremost, as always, Safety First!!!

Every time you handle a firearm make sure it is unloaded. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Check it, and check it again!

Once you rifle is clear, the first step will be to remove the Bolt. To remove the Bolt press down on the Bolt Release Lever which is on the right of the action, while simultaneously pulling the Trigger.

Removing Bolt From Rifle

The Sear needs to clear the trigger. Once the Sear has passed the trigger you can release the Trigger and pull the Bolt free of the action.

With the Bolt out of the rifle use the 1/4″ Allen wrench to remove the Bolt Assembly Screw. Turn the Bolt Assembly Screw counter-clockwise until the Bolt Assembly Screw is free from the Bolt.

Removing the Bolt Assembly Screw

Take your new Tactical Bolt Handle and install it on the Bolt where the original Bolt Handle was. The new Tactical Bolt Handle will only go on two ways so this is pretty easy to figure out. If you do it wrong the first time spin the Bolt Handle 180 degrees and you should have it right. No need to mark it, just slide it over the Bolt and replace the Bolt Assembly Screw in the opposite direction used for removal (clockwise).

Installing the Tactical Bolt Handle on the Bolt

Once the Tactical Bolt Handle is on the Bolt, simple press pull the Trigger while pressing the Bolt Release Lever down. Once you feel the Sear clear the trigger you can release the trigger and slide the bolt into the action.

Sliding the new Tactical Bolt Handle into the Action

Sliding the new Tactical Bolt Handle into the Action

That’s it! Enjoy your new Tactical Bolt Handle!

**If the new bolt handles hangs up a little on the action, cycle the bolt a number of times and it should loosen up. Keep in mind you’re putting a brand new part on a used gun so it might take a little shooting to get new Tactical Handle to be as smooth as the stock bolt handle.

***Additional Note from Tony, a helpful customer.

 “When the bolt is removed the firing pin is in the cocked position and  the rear portion of the cocking piece sleeve protrudes into the bolt  assembly screw blocking the insertion of the 1/4″ Allen wrench.  To  continue disassembly  the firing pin must be released moving the  cocking  piece forward. This can be accomplished by using a 7/16” box wrench on  the cocking piece pin to move it over the cam portion of the bolt body,  releasing the firing pin.


 For reassembly, once the new bolt handle is installed and the bolt  assembly screw is tightened, the firing pin must be re-cocked in order  to insert the bolt into the receiver. Again, the 7/16″ wrench can  be used to move the cocking piece pin back over the cam in the bolt  body.


 While those with experience may know this already, it might be  advisable to add these steps in the online instructions for first time  installers.”

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