Ricks Remington 700 BDL Varmint Bell & Carlson Medalist

Rick’s Remington 700 B&C

Savage Model 10 Bell & Carlson

Tony’s “sage” Savage Short Action

Tactical Remington 700 Short Action Badger Bottom Metal Choate Stock

Brian’s Suppressed 700

Chris’s Clean Tactical Stainless Long Action Savage

Justin's "BA" Bell and Carlson Savage

Justin’s “BA” Bell and Carlson Savage

Jimmy's Remingtion 700

Jimmy’s Remington 700

Steve’s Radical Remy

LR AR15 Varmint

‘Dog town”

Remington 700, Bell and Carlson Full Adjustable, Badger Bolt Knob

Mike’s Magic Remy

Savage Short Action CDI Bottom Accuracy International Magazine Choate Tactical Stock

John M’s Sick Savage

Choate Tactical Savage

“Tight” Tactical Savage

Savage Choate Tactical Rifle

Adventure Gear’s Tactical Savage

Ultimate Sniper

Ultimate Sniper

DPMS Light Weight Patrol Rifle

DPMS Light Weight Patrol Rifle

Remington 700 5R .308

Adam’s Remington 700 5R .308

Rock River 14.5" CQ

Rock River Arms 14.5″

Savage Long Action Choate Tactical Stock

Ian’s Super Sweet Stainless Single Shot Savage

"Digi" Savage 112C 30.06

“Digi” Savage 112C 30.0

Loue's Savage 300 Win. Mag.

Loue’s Savage 300 Win. Mag.

"Duce" Tactical Savage 10F .308

“Duce” Tactical Savage 10F .308

Nathan's Savage 110 30.06

Nathan’s Savage 110 30.06


“Newb’s” AR Patrol Rifle

Savage Long Action "Shorty" 30.06

“Shorty” 18″ Savage 30.06

David’s Dream Build Savage 111 .243

Ace’s Savages are preped for a May 7th shoot

Triplets Savage 110, Savage 10, Remy 700

Ace's Savage Center Feed Short Action .308

Ace’s Savage Center Feed Short Action .308