Hunter Shaw joins Tactical Works, Inc.

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Contact: Team Tactical Works  FOR RELEASE ON 11/30/2017 11:00 A.M.
Tel.: 970.672.0765

Tactical Works, Inc. announces the addition of Hunter Shaw to Team Tactical Works.
Hunter will be joining Team Tactical Works Inc. as a sponsored shooter, product tester/reviewer and consultant. 

Colorado Springs, CO, November 30th – Hunter Shaw is an avid outdoorsman, full-time dad and a husband. He has enjoyed the outdoors and been a gun enthusiast ever since he was young.
Hunter Shaw joins Tactical Works
As soon as he entered the world of long range shooting and F-Class, he was hooked. His best finishes to date are 3rd place at Core Shooting Solutions Long Range Challenge PRS club match and Gulf Country Gun and Rifle Club’s monthly F-Class match.

Hunter is a sponsored Team Tactical Works shooter as well as a product tester and “TW Think Tank” member. He and Preston Lewis shoot team matches together, get in range time and reloading time weekly, and share knowledge of guns and long range shooting.

“As a full time dad and contractor, I stay busy but still find time to practice and compete. I am looking forward to building a great relationship with Team Tactical Works.”

Tactical Works, Inc. is headquartered right outside the downtown area of beautiful Denver Colorado.

Our company mission is simple, provide our customers a simple and secure area to acquire reputable firearm accessories while providing superior customer service.

To help us with our mission our main goal is to offer quality firearm accessories from companies who stand behind their products.  

Our customers are military, law enforcement, competition and recreational shooters who need to depend and trust on their weapons platform.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Team Tactical Works, Inc. at 970-672-0765, or email

For Coral * For the Cure

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For Coral * For the Cure


Our friend, Shane, over at PR2tactical makes a sweet rifle level (which we carry, by the way).  Turns out he also makes a sweet hat.  Now, I’m sure you are asking what could be so sweet about a hat?  Hats are hats.  Well, this particular hat has a nice logo and a nice fit BUT it also has a GREAT purpose!  You see, this hat is helping to raise awareness and money for finding a cure for childhood cancer.  Unfortunately, Shane and his family have learned firsthand about childhood cancer and that is how this hat came to be.



So to help Shane and PR2Tactical get the word out Tactical Works is giving away 3 Coral hats.  Here is what you have to d0.  First go to our Facebook page .  Look for the “For Coral *For the Cure” post and  (1) like the post, (2) share the post, and (3) comment on the post.  You have until July 31 then Team Tactical Works will pick the winners at random – kinda like picking a name out of a hat so to speak.  We will post the winners on August 1st.

And while you’re at it, go visit Shane , show him some love, buy a hat and tell him Team Tactical Works sent you.

Tactical Works, Inc. to Sponsor 2013 Sportsman Challenge

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2013 Sportsman’s Challenge Long Range Shoot June 8th 2013

Hell's Canyon Long Range Shoot


June 8th will mark the second annual Sportsman’s Challenge long range shoot at Miller Ranch in Sprague, WA.  Tactical Works, Inc. will be sponsoring the event again this year and donating gear for the prize tables. This event has proven in the past to be a great shooting challenge as well as a fun family event.

This year Tactical Works, Inc. will be donating a Tactical Operations Rifle Drag Bag, Ralph T. Hicks new book “Fundamentals of Long Range Shooting” which endorsed by Nightforce, Storm Tactical Pocket Data-book,  along with Tactical Works T-shirts and stickers.

“Caleb, is a great guy who works very hard to host events for the long range shooting community. We’re happy to support him and the shooters anyway we can to ensure that the the event can continue to grow and shooters can have a safe beautiful venue for a great day of shooting.”  Team Tactical Works

Sportsman’s Challenge Shoot Details

There will be small and big game targets with up to three big game courses. The shoot is has been expanded this year to keep shooters shooting and not siting.

This year’s event will will include 12 small game targets and a total of 12 targets + a bonus target for the big game courses. Shooters will be scored with a single point for a first round hit and a 1/2 a point for a second round hit.  The bonus target will be worth 3 points helping the score card however, misses on bonus targets will not be penalized.

Big game calibers will be up to /338 and small game calibers will be .308 caliber.

Youth are welcome to participate and will be awarded medals and prizes for top youth shooters.

Registration will start at 7:00 a.m. and the shoot will start at 8:00 a.m. following the safety brief.

To register early pleases follow the link

Hells Canyon Long Range Shoot Whitebird, ID Results

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We wanted to share some pictures and results from the Hell’s Canyon Long Range Shoot in Whitebird, ID.  Other than the wind, dry conditions, and heat, the shoot was a great success. We also want to thank Caleb of Sportsman’s Challenge for allowing Tactical Works to be part of the shoot. We’re looking forward to the 2013 events.

For more information on the shoot visit Sportsman’s Challenge or visit their Facebook Page


Big Game Results:
1st place Mark Knudson (11.5+ tie breaker winner)
2nd place Quinn Taylor (11.5)
3rd place Todd Dow (11)


Small Game Results:
1st place: David Powers (13.5)
2nd place: Paul Gilmore (13)
3rd place: Mark Knudson (12.5)

Thanks Caleb!

Team Tactical Works