Patrol Carbine

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Patrol Carbine AR15

Patrol Carbine AR15

This build had a few requirements that needed to be met. The most challenging was bring the project in under budget which was pretty tight.

The need was for an all around maneuverable entry-level training carbine that would adapt nicely to a tall shooter while remaining light weight and fairly accurate inside of 300 yards.

Once funds are available, this carbine will dawn an optic/red dot, railed hand guard, one point sling, and a weapon light.

Immediately thoughts turned to an A2 stock to satisfy LOP and the budget however, a collapsible stock was on the “nice to have” list. The Ergo F93 Pro Stock adjusts from 8″ to 12″ when fully extended helping to add 1 & 1/2″  LOP over the A2 fixed stock helping to accommodate a tall shooter and at the same time addressing the “nice to have” collapsible stock.

A Lightweight DPMS  16″ barrel with a 1:9 twist helps keep the overall weight down and will stabilize 55 grain bullets for training as well as heavier bullets for longer work. The upper components, bolt, carrier, receiver, etc. were also DPMS.

A Mckay Enterprises “No Logo” lower receiver was chosen because of the sleek look and competitive price. To aid in training in the Colorado cold weather a Magpul Enhanced Trigger guard was installed.

To complete the rifle a Magpul rear sight added and 2 Magpul 30 round magazines.

  • DPMS 16″ Carbine Upper Receiver,
  • DPMS 5.56 1:9 Lightweight Barrel,
  • CAR Hand Guards,
  • A2 Front Sight
  • Magpul MBUS Rear Sight
  • Falcon Industries Ergo F93 8-position stock
  • Magpul 30-Round Magazines
  • Mckay Enterprises Lower Receiver
  • Allen Gun Bag
  • Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
  • Falcon Industries Ambidextrous Sling Plate

Overall, the build went very smooth. The first range visit for testing and barrel break-in provided successful results. At 50 yards with no zero all shots sent down range (10) hit the intended target, a paper plate. When time is available, we will zero the sights and test from 50 yds. to 200 yds.  We expect to experience tighter more consistent groupings.

Mission Accomplished!

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Installation of the Magpul MOE Trigger Guard

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Magpul MOE Trigger Guard

Installing the Magpul MOE/Enhanced Trigger Guard

Flat hinged trigger guards  are standard equipment with most AR15s and AR Lower Parts Kits (LPK) and leave a little to be desired.   The annoying gap between the standard trigger guard and the grip can tend to get uncomfortable during long shooting sessions and needs to be “folded” open to accommodate larger cold weather gloves.

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We are now stocking Magpul!!!