Gallery update “Justin’s “BA” B&C Savage

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Our gallery has been updated to include Justin’s “Bad Ass” B&C Savage. Click on the photo for more info.

Justin's "BA" Bell and Carlson Savage

Justin’s “BA” Bell and Carlson Savage

Gallery Update Ian’s Single Shot .300 WinMag

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Savage Choate Long Action Tactical Stock .300 WinMag

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Gallery Updated “Ace’s & “Triplets”

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The Gallery was updated to include two more pictures. First is Ace’s three custom rifles. He is gearing up for a shoot this weekend (May 7th & 8th) in Tennessee and we wish him the best of luck. Ace runs TN Predators Forum which is a good resource for information on hunting and calling.

tactical long range savage

Pre-shoot prep. "Ace's"

The second update to the Gallery is three “shop” rifles that we have been working on.

First is a Remington 700 .308 PSS wearing a Choate Tactical Stock, Harris Bipod,  EGW Heavy Duty Rail, Burris XTR rings, CDI Bottom Metal Conversion,  and a Falcon Menance.

Second is a Savage 10 .308 with a Choate Tactical Stock, EGW rail, Competition Trigger, Harris Bipod, BT bolt handle, CDI Bottom Metal Conversion,  and a Super Sniper 10X.

Last but not least is a Savage 110 30.06 with a Choate Tactical Stock, Choate Adjustable Butt Place, ER Shaw Barrel, Heavy Recoil Lug, Competition Trigger, EGW Heavy Duty Rail, EGW “Practical” rings, and a Bushnell Elite 3200 10X.

The "Triplets"

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New gallery edition Savage 110

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One of the best aspects of being involved with Tactical Works, Inc. is the customer interaction. We get to share in others ideas  and dreams. The biggest reward is seeing the end result.

Nathan from Illinois  was nice enough to share some photos of his Savage 110 30.06 pre-accutrigger rifle after swapping a two piece scope base for 1-piece EGW Tactical 0 M.O.A. Scope base and upgrading from the Savage OEM bolt handle to our Tactical Bolt Handle.

Nathan will be refinishing/repainting the entire rifle in the near future.

Simply put, this rifle is practical and cool.

Thanks Nathan!

Click the picture to go to Nathan’s Savage page

Nathan's Savage 110 LA 30.06

Nathan's Savage 110 LA 30.06

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