Cheek Rest Installation Tips & Tricks

I use a drill press as it makes it a lot easier keeping everything plumb. I also use a small torpedo level (6 inch plastic available at Home Depot if you don’t have one for about $4.00, good ones run about $12.00)

I loop a rubber band over one end of the level, place the level on the stock and loop the rubber band under the stock and the other end of the level.

Place the level on the flat portion of the stock just forward of the wrist.

Drill 1/4 inch hole straight through keeping the stock as level as possible while drilling.

SIMPLE Method for use with hand drills.

Position cheek piece and mark for holes on each side. Drill one side half way through

The stock, turn over and drill the other side the rest of the way though.

Elongate one hole should you be off a little after drilling for easier installation.

Note, if you mess up and get a little off on one or both holes just elongate one of the holes horizontally. This will give you some play front to back but still remain secure as the one hole is 1/4 inch.

You will need to counter sink up side of the stock to open the hole up to 3/8 inch but only to a depth of and 3/8’s of an inch. (Only applies to Flush Insert style)

With Insert style adjusters it may/will be necessary to shorten bolt due to varying width, placement or style stock.

Included you will also find 1 piece of 1/8th inch rubber that can be glued to the upper exterior surface for a better contact area with the cheek.

I use 3M 80 or Hi Strength 90 to glue rubber in place.

*If you find the cheek pieces tight on your stock, boil some water and heat the upper surface up and open up gently to fit.

** IMPORTANT, For Bolt Action stocks check the desired position while cycling the bolt at varied heights. Also check to see if you can remove the bolt without lowering or removing the cheek rest if that is important to you.

On AR15 type rifles be sure to drill the through holes lower than the buffer tube and check that the charging handle operates correctly and not blocked by the cheek rest.

Most claim it take 5 to 10 minutes.