Tikka T3 Bolt Handles & Bolt Shrouds by Sterk Shooting

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Tikka T3 owners, if you are looking to upgrade your rifle with parts that offer a superior fit and finish, look no further. You are going to want to get your hands on a Sterk Shooting bolt handle and bolt shroud. Manufactured in Australia with painstaking care in small batches and now available at Tactical Works, Inc. Each handle and shroud are tested on 2 Tikka bolts after they are CNC’d to track tolerances and any tool wear. Each bolt handle is bent by hand and then hand polished, even if it gets Cerakoted, to remove all machine marks.

The bolt handles are available in Swept Ball, Pineapple, and Grooved style.  The shrouds are available in 2 styles: Gen1 and the new Gen2 “Wasp”.

The Swept Ball are a CNC machined Stainless shaft and Aluminum ball, cerakoted black. These weigh in at 49.2 grams compared to the factory handle at 41 grams.

The Pineapple and Grooved handles and the Bolt Shrouds are CNC machined Titanium available raw/polished or cerakoted black. The Pineapple handle weighs just 42.8 grams and the Grooved weighs 44.6 grams. The Gen1 Shroud weighs 26.43 grams and the Gen2 Shroud weighs 22 grams.

An easy, quick way to upgrade your Tikka T3 rifle with superior parts!



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Rick’s 908 Yard Shot

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Rick's 908 yard shot

Rick’s 908 Yard Buck


Hi Lisa, Pic of the buck I made a “Long Range shot” on this past  weekend with the Karsten Cheek Piece I ordered from you folks. (908  yards thru the shoulder with a Tikka T3, 300 Win. Mag…..and Karsten  Cheek Piece added) I have three other McMillan stocks I would like to  add the cheek pieces to so I will be in touch. Great job on a great  product that was extremely easy to install myself……and thanks for  getting it mailed to me so fast!

Best regards,