New ENVY Chassis by XLR Industries released

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XLR Industries has just released the ENVY Chassis for the Remington 700 Short Action. We have been impatiently waiting for these since SHOT Show this year and are very excited to have some in hand!!

ENVY Chassis by XLR

Envy Chassis by XLR Industries


Here is the press release from XLR Industries with information about the new ENVY Chassis:


For Immediate Release: August 1, 2017

XLR Announces the Release of the ENVY™ Rifle Chassis System

The highly anticipated ENVY™ offers a winning blend of features, function, and durability. It was designed specifically for those shooters who desire professional level precision.

Grand Junction, CO. – August 1, 2017.

XLR, a leading U.S. manufacturer of custom rifle chassis and components, is proud to announce the release of the ENVY™ precision rifle chassis. The feature-rich ENVY™ was developed from the ground up through years of cooperation with some of the best shooters in the world.

The ENVY™ rifle chassis has a base weight of 35 oz (without buttstock or grip) and will initially be available for the Remington 700 short action and clones. The sleek, one-piece design is constructed from rigid 6061-T6 aluminum for an ultimate balance of lightness and durability. A multi-point radial cut inlet allows the receiver to sit in the chassis stress-free for the utmost in accuracy (no V-block). As with all XLR chassis, the ENVY™ is a direct bolt-on application with no gunsmithing or setup required by the user.

Unique to the ENVY™ is the integrated, Arca-Swiss™ style 1.5” dovetail mount on the forend. This allows the chassis to be used with a camera tripod. Having the mount integrated ensures that it will never come loose during strings of fire. It also allows for a longer dovetail than a traditional bolt-on adapter would, which provides for more versatility in balancing the rifle by sliding it forward and aft.

The integrated detachable magazine system allows the use of AICS style magazines. A new style of magwell features a larger, tapered opening for faster magazine changes and has an angled, serrated face that can serve as a barricade stop. In addition, the ENVY™ also features an integrated 5.5” picatinny rail located on the bottom of the handguard as well as five strategically placed QD sling sockets. An integrated bubble level keeps cant issues in check. The M-LOK™ compatible handguard allows the shooter the option to custom-tailor the chassis with M-LOK™ accessories.

“What we have put together is the perfect package for your competitive, PRS style shooter,” said Matt Means, Sales Manager for XLR. The ENVY™ has more integrated components than any other chassis in its class. This highly anticipated product release will satisfy the needs of anyone seeking a durable and highly adaptable rifle chassis. The ENVY™ will of course come with our lifetime warranty.”

The basic ENVY™ package is priced at $740 with many upgrades and options available. The ENVY™ is available now on the company’s official online store at
About XLR

XLR is a U.S. based manufacturer of world-class rifle chassis, components, and accessories. The company manufactures the renowned Element, Evolution™, Carbon, and Envy™ chassis systems for professional shooters, tactical shooters, and hobbyists alike. Using only the finest materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, XLR strives to maintain its reputation for quality and tactical innovation.

Contact Information
Matt Means · Sales Manager · · (970) 241-1807
XLR · 2323 Grand Park Drive · Grand Junction, CO · 81505

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KREMLIN and KRUX stocks by iota Outdoors

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Now Available for Pre-Order!!

KRUX stock for Remington 700

The KRUX stock for the Remington 700 is a lightweight, low-profile composite stock perfect for a backcountry rifle build.  It weighs a mere 27 ounces and is only 28 inches in length. A carbon fiber reinforced composite mold maximizes the rifle stock’s strength under compression of a fully equipped rifle. Custom machined pillars maintain proper action and bottom metal dimensions, reducing stock fatigue and maintaining accuracy. The KRUX is hand laid for a premium quality and look and is offered in a matte texture with molded in colors and ports.  Available for the Remington 700 in Short Action or Long Action; Right or Left hand; BDL or Badger M5 inlet. Colors include: Citadel Grey, Sentinel Green, and Gobi Tan.

KREMLIN stock for Remington 700

The KREMLIN stock for the Remington 700 merges the features of both the hunter and shooter stock designs to create one multi-functional precision stock for a wide range of experiences. A composite molded rifle stock with a carbon fiber core that provides stability to any shooting stance, from the shoulder to the sandbag.  The carbon fiber reinforced composite mold maximizes the stock’s strength under compression of a fully equipped rifle. Custom machined pillars help maintain proper action and bottom metal dimensions, reducing stock fatigue. An AirTech recoil pad made from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM technology, exclusively for iota, effectively absorbs a wide range of frequencies to dissipate energy and vibration. The KREMLIN weighs 40 ounces and is 31.5 inches overall length.  Available for the Remington 700: Short or Long Action; Right or Left Hand; BDL or Badger M5 inlet. Colors include: Citadel Grey, Sentinel Green, and Gobi Tan.

Both stocks are available for PRE-ORDER with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

Gallery Update Rick’s Remington 700

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Rick's Remington 700 Varmint in a Bell and Carlson OD Green Stock

Gallery update, Jimmy’s Remington 700

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Our gallery has been updated to include Jimmy’s Remington 700 SPS Tactical. Click on the photo for more picts and specs.


Jimmy's Remingtion 700

Jimmy's Remingtion 700

Jimmy’s Remington 700


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Gallery update Steve’s Radical Remy

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Our gallery has been updated to include Ricks Remington 700 SPS Tactical. Click on the photo for more info.

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Gallery update “Mikes Magic Remy 700”

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Team Tactical Works,

I received my items on time and got right to work. I blueprinted  the action, polished the bolt and rails and bedded the action in the new  stock. It was a very long night;) If all goes well, I’ll be developing  loads tomorrow morning and verifying my comeups. I leave at 7am Saturday  for my comp in CO.

The sticker on the stock will stay on for the comp. I’ll tell all the contestants how great it was doing business with you guys.

Thanks again!

Rifle Specs:

  • Remington 700
  • Bell and Carlson fully adjustable OD green with black spider web stock
  • Badger Ordnance Bolt Knob
  • EGW Tactical Scope Rail 20 M.O. A
  • Burris Extreme Tactical Rings 30mm Low
  • Storm Tactical Data Book

Gallery Update: Adam’s 5R Remy

Posted in Remington 700, TacOps Cheekpad on April 26th, 2011 by Team TW

Remington 700 5R .308

Remington 700 5R .308

  • HS Precision Stock Bedded
  • HS Precision Detachable Magazine Kit
  • 5R Stainless Steel Barrel (used on M24)
  • Action is Trued with Full Turn Down .001″
  • Heat Treated Barrel
  • Harris Swivel  Bipod 6″-9″ w/ T-nut
  • TacOps Multi-Cam Stock Pack
  • Sirefire Muzzle Brake
  • Sirefore Bolt Knob
  • Leupold Mark IV 6.5x20x50
  • Leupold Low Rise 30mm Rings
  • Badger Rail
  • Harris Swivel Bipod 6″-9″ w/T-nut
  • TacOps Multi-Cam Stock Pack

Machining done by Victor of

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Badger Ordnance M5 Choate Tactical Stock Package Installation

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Before starting work on any firearm be sure that the firearm is clear. Do not touch the trigger until the firearm has been cleared. Inspect the chamber to ensure that it is clear of ammunition and that there is no ammunition positioned to be chambered. Do not keep live ammunition near your workspace. Once you have checked the firearm, check it again!

Tactical Works, Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy and/or safety of this “how to”.  This post is simply for your reading enjoyment. Before shooting any firearm have it inspected by a qualified gun smith.

Installing the Badger Ordnance M5 Trigger Guard with the Choate Tactical Stock

Badger M5 Choate Installation

Until now installing a dropbox magazine on your Remington 700 ADL or BDL required sourcing all of the parts and then sending your stock off to a gunsmith to be inletted. This required paying to ship your stock, waiting, and then paying to have the stock sent back. Now you can order a complete solution that is bolt-on, out-of-the-box, and can be assembled in less than an hour without special tools.


  • Choate Tactical Stock Inletted for the Badger Ordnance M5 Trigger Guard.
  • Badger Ordnance M5 Trigger Guard Kit. (kit includes trigger guard, 5-shot magazine, 2 #3o Torx screws, 2 aluminum pillars)

Badger M5 Choate Installation


  • 5/32 Hex/Allan Key
  • #30-Torx Driver and/or Socket
  • Calibrated Torque Wrench


Less than one-hour.

Remove all optics and accessories that might get in the way or be damaged during installation. Our subject rifle is a Remington 700 PSS. The original floor plate has been replaced with a MagXtender however, installation is the same for rifles that  have the OEM floor plate.

Badger M5 Choate Installation

Remove the Bolt from the rifle. Press the Bolt Release button which is located in the top of the trigger guard in front of the trigger.

Badger M5 Choate Installation

While the Bolt Release button is depressed, slide the bolt all the way back until the bolt is free of the action. Set the bolt aside until ready to reassemble.

Badger M5 Choate Installation
Use a 5/32″ Hex key to remove the two trigger guard screws.
Badger M5 Choate Installation

Badger M5 Choate Installation

Once both action screws are removed, the trigger guard will be free from the original stock and barreled action. Gently pull the trigger guard from the stock while supporting the barreled action. Make sure the barreled action is supported or it will drop free from the stock and can be damaged.

Badger M5 Choate Installation

Remove the trigger guard and the internal magazine box from the stock. The entire trigger guard and internal magazine will not be reused. Remove parts from the workspace for the remainder of the installation. Remove the barreled action from the stock and place it out of the way as well. The stock will not be used again for this project.

Badger M5 Choate Installation

Gather the new Choate Tactical Stock, the Badger M5 Trigger Guard, and both of the supplied T-30 Action Screws and place them on your workspace. The supplied Badger Ordinance Pillars are not used for this application. This is due to the full length aluminum bedding block used in the Choate Tactical Stock.

Badger M5 Choate Installation

Place the barreled action into the Choate Tactical Stock. Supporting the barreled action, turn the rifle over and insert the Badger Ordnance M5 Trigger Guard into the inlet stock. Insert the longer of the two #30-Torx action screws into the rear of the trigger guard. The shorter of the two #30-Torx action screws installs in the front of the trigger guard.

Badger M5 Choate Installation

To get the action screws started, thread them by hand to avoid damaging the threads on the action screws and more importantly the action. Once the action screws are started, slowly and carefully tighten them equally taking time to make sure neither of the action screws are too long. If one or both of the action screws are too long you will need to either trim the supplied action screws or purchase new shorter screws. The action screws are a 7/28 thread that can be found at most chain hardware stores.

Badger M5 Choate Installation

When both action screws are snug and are the proper length to clear the bolt use a #30-Torx driver to torque them to 65 in-lbs. Caution! Failure to torque the action bolts with a calibrated Torx Driver may result in damage to the rifle! Per Badger, LocTite not needed.

Badger M5 Choate Installation

After installing the trigger guard double-check that the action screws will clear the bolt and install the bolt. Next insert the supplied Accuracy International 5-shot magazine into the Badger Trigger Guard. With the rifle unloaded cycle the bolt to make sure that the bolt cycles freely and does not hang up on the magazine.

Installation complete.


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Proper Bolt Cycling Techniques

Posted in Remington 700, Savage, Savage Tactical Bolt Handle, Tactical Works Home on November 18th, 2010 by Team TW

This is a great demonstration by Holland Shooting Schools that helps the shooter understand how to properly cycle the bolt while keeping the target in your field of view.

Depending on your specific use, an oversized/tactical bolt knob/handle may help you increase your purchase and leverage on the bolt helping to cycle the bolt quicker. In high stress situations the ability to quickly “feel” and cycle the bolt again aids in workflow and keeps the target in constant view. If you use your rifle in extreme weather conditions consider a knurled knob for better grip.

Many competitive shooters who run rapid fire drills use extended oversized bolt knobs to reduce the time needed to reload so that they can have more time on target acquisition and workflow adjustment prior to the next shot.



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Gallery Updated “Ace’s & “Triplets”

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The Gallery was updated to include two more pictures. First is Ace’s three custom rifles. He is gearing up for a shoot this weekend (May 7th & 8th) in Tennessee and we wish him the best of luck. Ace runs TN Predators Forum which is a good resource for information on hunting and calling.

tactical long range savage

Pre-shoot prep. "Ace's"

The second update to the Gallery is three “shop” rifles that we have been working on.

First is a Remington 700 .308 PSS wearing a Choate Tactical Stock, Harris Bipod,  EGW Heavy Duty Rail, Burris XTR rings, CDI Bottom Metal Conversion,  and a Falcon Menance.

Second is a Savage 10 .308 with a Choate Tactical Stock, EGW rail, Competition Trigger, Harris Bipod, BT bolt handle, CDI Bottom Metal Conversion,  and a Super Sniper 10X.

Last but not least is a Savage 110 30.06 with a Choate Tactical Stock, Choate Adjustable Butt Place, ER Shaw Barrel, Heavy Recoil Lug, Competition Trigger, EGW Heavy Duty Rail, EGW “Practical” rings, and a Bushnell Elite 3200 10X.

The "Triplets"

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