CDI Precison Remington 700 Field Report at Pikes Peak Gun Club

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Sunday we decided to stray from the “TW Proving Grounds” in an effort to do some longer range shooting and test out the first of our Remington 700 CDI Precision rifle builds. It was suggested that we check out the Pikes Peak Gun Club just outside of Colorado Springs, CO.

It  was one of the many beautiful sunny winter days that bless Coloradans so we jumped at the opportunity and headed out.

Upon arrival we had to fight the crowd of 100+ skeet shooters who had just finished a shoot. Lots of folks, lots of trucks. Once inside we got the lay of the land and headed out to shoot.

Pikes Peak Gun Club looks to cater to trap and skeet shooters however their pistol and rifle ranges are organized and nice. The rifle range is 200 yards max but worked well for testing purposes.

If I remember correctly there are 16 rifle lanes, 8 left and 8 right. The left lanes have wood benches and are covered. The right lanes have concrete benches and there is ample room to shoot prone from a concrete pad.

After setting up a target at 50 yards and another at  100 yards the range went “Hot” and it was time to shoot.

As we were setting up we were approached by a recently retired Aurora Police officer questioning what we were shooting. As I started to explain our arsenal he stopped me and said “No, what is that?”  pointing at our Remington 700 PSS dawning a Choate Tactical Stock, Falcon Menace 8X18, Burris XTR Rings, EGW Steel Tactical Base, finished nicely with CDI Precison’s 10 round AICS drop box mag.

He quickly pushed aside the four AR15s we brought, as he mumbled “I’ve seen plenty of those” to get to the Remy.  After fondling the rifle for a few minutes he backed away and simply said “Now that’s gorgeous”.

With all of the gear and 10 rounds in the mag. the Remy still feels light weight and maneuverable.

We put 3 rounds in the 10 round AICS mag and cycled them at a normal rate. No malfunctions. We  loaded 5 rounds and cycled at a normal rate, no issues. On to 10 rounds.  Again, 10 rounds no issues.

Next test rapid fire, 10 rounds down the tube, fast! One after another the rounds chambered and ejected with a nice “spring in their step”. The empty casings ended up in a nice little pile about 10″ from the weapon.

The rest of the day on the CDI Remy was like clock work.  As the day went on a few other shooters stopped by to chat about the Remy and ask how accurate it was. Unfortunately, this was the first outing for this rifle and we weren’t delivering very tight groups so we looked a lot better than we preformed.

We didn’t get the chance to run any real-time mock situations at the club however we plan on heading back to the TW Proving Grounds to run it through some real world exercises when time permits.

All in all the rifle preformed as designed and the CDI Bottom Metal looked and felt like factory.

As we drove away from the club and into the sun dropping behind Pikes Peak we had to agree. Great product, great place, great day!

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